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Well said, Ricky Bobby. Us too! 

When we started Beatdapp, we knew our technology had to be fast. Faster than any available blockchain technology, then and now. 

We had to go fast because of you: the streamer with a voracious appetite for music.

To validate and authenticate every transaction in real time, we had to be able to keep pace with your consumption, stream for stream. 

And do you realize how much music you listen to?

In just the US in 2021: 1.15 trillion streams. That’s a massive number. It’s such a massive number that for most of us it’s incomprehensible. And that’s OK. It’s hard to find a trillion of anything.   

It helps to develop a sense of scale to make that massive number more vivid and relatable. Think about it this way: 

Better, right? 

Fast-forwarding back to the present at Beatdapp, we knew that for our business to succeed, we’d have to build capacity to clear trillions of transactions annually. No company had built a protocol that transacts at this speed. 

But we were undeterred. We could either meet the ever increasing demand of music streamers, or we couldn’t. And if we couldn’t, well, for starters we’re not writing this blog. 

Knowing that no existing blockchain protocol could come close to matching the throughput generated by global streaming, we built our own from the ground up. 

Through a herculean effort by an incredible team of developers, we blew past the trillion stream throughput threshold last year. 

Specifically, in February 2019, we surpassed the ability to push 1 million streaming transactions per second across our blockchain network. 

That’s the equivalent of 5.4B streams every 90 minutes. If we let our platform run for 13 days straight, we’d reach the equivalent of all US streams in 2021. Left running at that pace all year, we’d clear 32 trillion streams. 

In our industry, speed really matters. Digital distribution facilitates consumption at a pace that we couldn’t fathom even a few short years ago. 

So keep streaming at breakneck speeds, music fans. We can go fast too. Ricky Bobby would be proud.

This post is part 1 of 2. If you want to get into the technical weeds that facilitate our transaction speed, part 2 is for you.

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